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  • BOSTI Associates (the Buffalo Organization for Social and Technological Innovation), founded by Mike Brill, is a Buffalo, NY based group with a 30+ year history of continuous innovation in workplace planning and design, based on active research in each project, and informed by extensive experience with comparable situations.

  • Our rigorous, research-based client engagements are documented in a proprietary database of information encompassing 21,000 people in some 120 organizations in many industries, used to enrich and inform our workplace analyses and consulting processes and recommendations

  • BOSTI has a well-established, proven-to-be-effective, and unique workplace analysis process that combines both qualitative and quantitative data gathering, sophisticated data analysis methods, and effective translation of findings into new facilities "visions" and design concepts

  • BOSTI's engagements range from a nationwide master plan for a company with 90 offices and 24,000 people (including a new facilities vision, office location analysis, detailed planning and design guidelines, hotelling and telework procedures), to single-location analysis and design for 75 people.

  • As well as white-collar workplaces, we have experience in analyses and recommendations for housing, offices, new communities, waterfronts, waterways, public art spaces, zoos, public gardens, botanic gardens, urban gardens, parks, nature trails, public playgrounds, and ice rinks.

  • BOSTI has pioneered in the application of innovative workplace solutions…high-performance design to support new forms of work, hotelling, and work-from-anywhere (including telecommuting). Our work, oft published, quoted and emulated, has changed the business landscape profoundly

  • Realization of workplace analysis benefits and high client satisfaction are indicated by many repeat engagement clients (Sun Microsystems, Ernst & Young, Xerox, Deloitte & Touche, Ericsson, Tandem, and many branches of United States and Canadian governments)

  • BOSTI's core staff is a group of mature, experienced people with multi-disciplinary credentials and expertise, offering a unique in-house blend of social sciences, research methods, architecture, interior design, ergonomics, corporate real estate, and facility management

  • While several of our staff are architects, it is not an architectural or design firm, but one solely devoted to workplace analysis … research-supported, rigorous development of business-driven facilities strategies and design concepts (fully described and illustrated), intended to strongly guide final design, done by others.

  • Much of BOSTI's work has been published in both the business and design press, and many awards have recognized BOSTI's leadership in and contributions to the understanding of how workplace design, location, and use affect business performance

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